Library and Sources

The following videos and books have served as my inspiration for this blog. I hope that you can enjoy them as much as I have !

(Please note that I do not share ALL the beliefs explained in these videos, yet I find them very intriguing and believe that they are worthy of discussion, despite their somewhat “far fetched” material.)

Enjoy ūüôā

Videos on Consciousness and Reality (Physics, the Quantum Field, Electromagnetism)


Videos on Ancient knowledge, past civilizations, and discover of the past


Books on all sorts of phenomena: 

  • “Reality is not what it seems” -Carlo Rovelli
  • “Parallel Worlds” – Michio Kaku
  • “The voice of Knowledge” – Ron Miguel Ruiz
  • “The Future of the Mind” – Michio Kaku
  • “The essential Kabbalah” – Daniel C. Matt
  • “You are the Universe” – Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos
  • “The sign and the Seal” – Graham Hancock
  • “The Mayan Prophecies” – Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell
  • “The Code of the Extraordinary ¬†Mind” – Vishen Lakhiani











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